About Us


It all started back in the early 1900's...

There is a long history of sugar making with our family.  Our great grandfather Hiram (Al) Grant built the original sugar house from bits and pieces of this and that. Some of the lumber came from and old bridge in town. The building may not have been straight, but his sugar business was. All of the sap came from the maple treesfrom his land and was collected into buckets that were gathered by oxen and an old wagon called a scoot. 


It' s a family business afterall..

After Al was done with making the maple syrup, our great grandmother Jesse would then take some of the finished syrup and boil it down further. The finished product was then put into wooden molds to make sugar cakes. Al would make wooden boxes to send his syrup and sugar to fill orders that were delivered by train. 

His son Leon Grant along with family and friends continued the tradition into the late 30's and 40's utilizing the same tools as Al adding in the use of a tractor. They produced between 200 to 300 gallons of syrup a year. Leon's grandsons took over the business with the continued help of friends and family.


A new sugar house built with the same amount of love...

A new sugar house was built in 2000 replicating the original sugar house that our great grandfather had built with a few upgrades. 

A new state-of-the-art equipment and sohphisticated tubing system allow us to make hundreds of gallons of maple syrup each year.