Origins of maple syrup production

There are many myths about how maple syrup was discovered. The one that I have heard many times over that is probably the most accurate is one that involves a Native American who hurled his tomahawk into a tree (probably mad at something) and this liquid started dripping from the tree. Later on his wife needed water to cook with, and asked her husband to get it for her. The stream was quite a ways away and he didnít really want to walk that far so he thought about the water dripping from the tree. He went back to the tree and put a birch bark bowl under the drip. He brought it to her and she cooked with it. They found that the meal was very sweet. They really didnít know what was different except the water they used. They went back to the tree, gathered more water and cooked with it again, and the rest is history.

Maple Syrup FAQs

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